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MBA Discussion Guidelines

Throughout the MBA program, you will be asked to participate in discussions. Assigned discussions, both individual and group work, are part of the process of developing your project deliverables.

In general, address your discussion posts to your classmates, rather than the instructor. Do not attach files; use only the discussion textbox. Your posts do not need the structure or format of formal business memos or reports. These discussions should be an informal exchange of ideas with your peers. You should, of course, still adhere to the norms of standard written English.

To receive the maximum benefit, you should participate in accordance with the guidelines provided below.

  • timeliness
    • initial posting submitted by 11:59 PM ET on Saturday
    • responses to other discussion postings submitted by 11:59 PM ET on Tuesday
  • proper citation
    • use APA citation style (example below)
  • meaningful engagement
    • posts contribute to substantive scholarly discussion
    • student demonstrates professionalism in interaction with peers
    • posts critically discuss topics presented in the current week and, when appropriate, in previous weeks
    • posts are grounded in the theories and concepts presented in the course


Based on the UMGC library’s guidance on APA citations, including guidance on how to cite content from the UMGC online classroom, please use the following format for classroom resources with no author or no date:

Title of resource. (n.d.). Document posted in University of Maryland Global Campus Course Name Course Number online classroom, archived at: hyperlink

SWOT analysis. (n.d.). Document posted in University of Maryland Global Campus MBA 610 2182 online classroom, archived at: