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Examples of IT Infrastructure Diagrams

Your diagram should support the description and recommendations in the technical report. It does not necessarily need to show all aspects of the technical information shown in some of these examples.
The branch office network in Dallas shows five users computers, email and file servers connected to a router via Internet through a fire wall to a router and several users' computers there.

Example 1

This graphic illustrates the flow of information as follows: External users, to the internet, to a router, to a firewall. Then from the firewall, the information flows within the DMZ to a switch that connects to a DNS server, web server, and e-mail server inside the DMS and the IDS outside the DMZ. The information flows from the IDS to the Accounting team, Marketing team, and a database. Network access controls are in place for information flowing between the Accounting and Marketing teams.

Example 2

An example diagram with desktops, servers, firewalls, router, and a switch with the logical cabling and labeled ports.

Example 3

Thin clients using web apps connect vias a network to the Web-apps server. Web applications save data to the HS-DRT processor which saves data to storage clouds. The internet has a public storage cloud and the user network has a private storage cloud.

Example 4

Architecture of the HS-DRT System (Ueno et al., 2010)

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