Learning Resource

Clear Communication: Using Citations

Professor Sarah Rothschild explains what it means to properly cite other people's work, both for clarity in writing as well as giving proper credit to others' ideas.

Part One: Reasons for Correct Citation

"If you don't provide enough support for your ideas, why should people buy into them?...Plagiarism is theft."

                                                       —Professor Sarah Rothschild

Part Two: Finding a Variety of Credible Sources

The UMGC library offers help vetting resources for credibility.

Part Three: Sources as Support or Enhancement

"Use sources in support of your ideas, not in place of your ideas....Respect the intent of the sentence, or the article, or the book."

                                                                                                                        —Professor Sarah Rothschild

Part Four: Finding Help on Citation

For additional help, visit UMGC Library's OWL or Purdue's OWL.