Converting PowerPoint and Uploading to YouTube

After you have completed the PowerPoint, here are instructions to allow it to be placed on YouTube and then into the online classroom: 

  1. From the File menu, click Save & Send > Create a Video > Create Video. (Use Recorded Timings and Narrations should already be selected; this is what you want.)
  2. Once you click Create Video, a Save As window called Save as Type: Windows Media Video should open. Ensure that the file name is correct and not too long, and then click Save. You now have a video file to post to YouTube. It will take some time (10 minutes or so) to save the presentation to video. Watch the green bar at the bottom of PowerPoint. You want to ensure that your presentation is fully saved as a .wmv file prior to trying to post it, or you will get an invalid file error message.
  3. Next, go to a browser and type in YouTube. In the upper right corner, look for the Upload button. Select the Upload icon. Your name will likely pop up. If you are using someone else's computer, put your name there. Then, click Create Channel.
  4. Next, change the YouTube viewing settings from Public (default) to Unlisted. Don't select Private because you will not get a link to post.
  5. Now, drag the video file onto the YouTube page or click and select the file. Once the file is selected, it will begin loading immediately. Again, this will take several minutes (10-20). If it doesn't seem to make progress, end it and start again, ensuring that you do not have the file open in another location. Once it indicates that processing is complete, select Done. You will then be given a link to your video. Copy and paste this link into the classroom.