Web Security Issues

Websites, servers, and networks are always at risk of security breaches, breaches that can be internal or external. It is important to note that web servers and site hosts present serious risks to security because, by design, servers are an open window to traffic. This traffic is created by web applications that provide consumers and businesses significant conveniences. All banking applications, e-commerce sites, e-businesses, etc. are accomplished via web applications.  Since critical consumer and business information are exchanged through these web applications, their security is a major issue for everyone.

When we access a bank account or purchase an item on the web, data has to be exchanged with back-end databases. These databases are the major targets of hackers due to the critical information stored in them. In addition, hackers go after consumers’ information directly by redirecting them to their malicious sites. The top two issues related to web applications include SQL injection and cross-site scripting. There will always be risks; however, they may be mitigated through separate security measures, regular maintenance, and updates to maintain a basic level of security.